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Heroku permission denied for database “postgres”

FATAL: permission denied for database “postgres” DETAIL: User does not have CONNECT privilege. Run this command to solve this error: heroku addons | grep POSTGRES Advertisements

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redis integeration in heroku

Follow all steps given here: Explanation of some steps: heroku config –app heroku-app-name | grep REDISTOGO_URL output: REDISTOGO_URL: redis://user-name:password@redis-server:11247/

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Heroku Commands and difference between rails on local

1) Run query console in Heroku  heroku run console 2) Reset DB on Heroku  heroku run rake db:reset 3) Creating DB on Heroku  heroku run rake db:create 4) Migrating DB on Heroku  heroku run rake db:migrate 5) Seeds runing on

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Rails Command on environment basics

Commands to run on environment basic: To run db migrations: rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV= production To run Console: rails c production To run Server: rails s -e production

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Permission denied (publickey)

Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly 1. You need to install Heroku Toolbelt if not installed yet. wget -qO- | sh 2. In project Directory in terminal run this command SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0 3. Check available keys

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binding your app to heroku

1) Add toolbelt plugin of heroku wget -qO- | sh 2) create heroku app if not exists, with command heroku create 3) copy ‘Git Url’ from heroku app settings 4) in terminal git remote add heroku “git-ul copied from heroku app settings”

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how to run console or query terminal in heroku

For Rails >= 3  heroku run console For Rails 2 heroku run ruby script/console

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Heroku usefull Commands

  Access heroku certain app log while using another app for same project. command: heroku logs –app app_name example: heroku logs –app beu_heroku

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