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Connect with MongoDB on separate EC2 Instance

You need to open mongoDB port to world so that you can listen inbound traffic. To do so: In instance security group -> Inboud Open 27017 port or whatever port on which your mongoDB is currently running. Type Protocol Port

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Create and integrate SSL certificate in Rails app Using [ Godaddy + Nginx(1.8) + Puma + Ubuntu Server(14.04 LTS) ]

Login to your server by ssh and then: Create file YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/config/puma.rb Below is puma.rb file content: #!/usr/bin/env puma directory ‘/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/public/’ rackup ‘/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/’ environment ‘production’ daemonize true pidfile ‘/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/pids/’ state_path ‘/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/pids/puma.state’ stdout_redirect ‘/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/log/puma.log’ threads 2, 5 bind ‘unix:///home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/sockets/puma.sock’ workers 2 Generate

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Attach EBS volume as root to EC2 instance Amazon

Amazon EBS Device Naming Conventiona Attach the volume to the existing instance by following these steps: Stop Your Instance. Create a snapshot of the root volume. Create a new volume using the snapshot. [In case of ubuntu name it /dev/sda1]

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Downloading Objects from Amazon S3 using the AWS SDK [API V2] for Ruby

Set bellow variables in your project or as environment variables or whatever way you wanted. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = ‘S3 bucket access key id’ AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY= ‘S3 bucket secret access key’ AWS_REGION = ‘s3 bucket region’ AWS_BUCKET= ‘bucket name’ Follow any of two

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Amazon AutoScalling ubuntu

A. Setup Auto Scaling command line: Download the tool from Unzip it and follow the process below Set the following environment variables: 1. Open “/etc/bash.bashrc” file to set environment variables $ sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc 2. Add this line to

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Connecting rails app with remote mongodb server [mongodb ubuntu]

Problems faced: P1. My DB server is running but ping not working correctly: To ping an EC2 instance, you need to allow ICMP traffic in the instance’s security group. See Why can’t I ping my instance in the EC2 FAQ.

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SSH error: Too many authentic authentication failures

This error occurs, when there are multiple known hosts and ssh command is unable to capture private key for specific host. Solution: You have to specify host and private ssh key in ~/.ssh/config file as shown below: You can tell

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Connect Amazon Instance and Terminate

To access your instance: Open an SSH client. (find out how to connect using PuTTY) Locate your private key file (you_key_pair_name.pem). The wizard automatically detects the key you used to launch the instance. Your key must not be publicly viewable for

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