Invalid mix of scope block and deprecated finder options on ActiveRecord association

While upgrading from rails to rails 4.2.6

has_many :subitems, through: :child_associations, source: :child, source_type: 'ContentItem', conditions: 'content_items.deleted  1', order: 'content_associations.position ASC'
  1. Replaced conditions with proc
has_many :subitems, ->{where('content_items.deleted  1')}, through: :child_associations, source: :child, source_type: 'ContentItem',  order: 'content_associations.position ASC'

2. Place order in proc

has_many :subitems, ->{where('content_items.deleted  1').order('content_associations.position ASC') }, through: :child_associations, source: :child, source_type: 'ContentItem'

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