Code should be written to be reviewed

Following are some of points developers should take care off.

  1. Bad coding
  2. Not following standard
  3. Not keeping performance in mind
  4. History, Indentation, Comments are not appropriate.
  5. Readability is poor
  6. Open files are not closed
  7. Allocated memory has not been released
  8. Too many global variables.
  9. Too much hard coding.
  10. Poor error handling.
  11. No modularity.
  12. Repeated code.
  13. Miss use of things (tools, concepts)
  14. Compromising security
  15. Reinventing the wheel, if some thing is already available in gem/code you create once more

Note: Comment about more bad coding, so that we can create a list of do’s and dont’s


I am Senior Software Engineer. I love reading, writing, sharing,developing, hiking, movies, trips, mountains, brooks, hills etc.

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