Get first unique element of string

Problem: Suppose you are given a string and your task is to find the first unique element of that string.
str = “bcdadbdcfd”
Ruby Way:

def first_uniq(str)
  a =  diff = []
  dup = [] #seperate array assigned due to by reference assignemt
  s.each_char { |c|  
     a.include?(c) ? dup << c : a << c
  diff = a - dup

JavaScript Way[1]:

var string = "bcdadbdcfd"; // answer should be a

var arr = string.split("");
var occurences = {};
var lowestindex = string.length+1;

arr.forEach( function(c){  // runs for O(n)
  tmp = c;
  if( typeof occurences[tmp] == "undefined")
    occurences[tmp] = tmp;
    occurences[tmp] += tmp;

for(var p in occurences) { // again for O(n)
  if(occurences[p].length == 1)
    lowestindex = Math.min(lowestindex, string.indexOf(p));

if(lowestindex > string.length)
  alert( 'no unique');

alert( string[lowestindex]);

[1] purposed by Jamshed Ahmed


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