Different ways of Iterating over an Array in Ruby (Just for me)

ruby array iterators

Precious Info

1) .each do |val| … end

2) .each_with_index do |val, index| … end

3) a) .map do … end  => returns new array

b) .map.with_index do |val, index| … end

4) .any? do |val| {condition} end   => returns true or false

5) .all? do |val| {condition} end   => returns true if all value satisfy the condition otherwise false

6) .select do |val| {condition} end   => returns an array of those values which satisfy condition.

7) .find do |val| {condition} end   => returns first value which passes condition.

8) .find_all do |val| {condition} end   => returns all those value which satisfy conditon. It’s equivalent to .select

9) .inject([initial_value_of_var1]) do |var1, var2 | … end => returns var1

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