Export CSV Rails

1) make some file on project root directory named abc.csv
2) If Permision Denied error occurs then run this command

chmod 777 abc.csv

3) Rake task

namespace :export do
task :csv => :environment do
    require 'csv'
    CSV.open("abc.csv", "w") do |csv|
      @cities = City.joins(:hotels).uniq # your query here
      csv << ['city_id', 'city_name']  #column head of csv file
      @cities.each do |city|
      csv << [city.id, city.name] #fields name

4) In project repository root run this command:

rake export:csv

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2 comments on “Export CSV Rails
  1. I think its import not export. And for importing CSV or XLS here is very good railscast tutorial

  2. taimoor.changaiz says:

    Nope the above code is for Exporting CSV

    Export = creating CSV
    Import = Grabbing CSV

    and tutorial you provided is for importing by browser in rails application not for script.

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