NoMethodError – undefined method `render_to_string’ for #<#:0x007f95255e3c08>:


Do I need to include anything special in order to call
render_to_string from the view?  When I try to do something like this
in my rhtml template:

<%= render_to_string(:partial => "user_description") %>

I get the error:

undefined method `render_to_string' for #<#<Class:0xb76e9134>:

followed by an excerpt from my template.  Do I have something wrong
with the syntax?


I think I have found the answer-- apparently in the view templates,
you just call "render" and not "render_to_string".  The explanation
for this is probably that in the view you always want to render to a
string, but I'm not sure.


How to append  a partial in div?

in view file:
 <%  @partial = render(:partial=> 'pages/content/call_text_phone', :formats=>[:html]) %>
in view file
<script type="text/javascript">


 $('#content_form_div').append("<%= j @partial%>");


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