Regular Expressions

1) To remove Square Brackets in string:


/[ => start tag
]/ => end tag
\A => start of line
\z => end of line
\[, \] => syntax for special characters opening and closing bracket

2)  Replacing multiple  with constant width:

Regullar expression => /(width:300)|(width: 300)/

/-> start

()-> any thing enclose

|-> or sign

/ -> end

'width: 300px'.gsub(/(width:300)|(width: 300)/,'width:900')

Or other way

\s* -> white space '\s' and '*' for 0 or more occurences

'width: 300px'.gsub(/(width:\s*300)/,'width:900')

3) Removing Brackets and anything enclosed in them:

'abcdef [12] jklm [e1]'.gsub(/\[[^\]]*\]/,'')

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