SShkey adding to your system , creating repository and cloning that directory

Add sshkey on github:

steps are following

1) run command “ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048” on your linux terminal
2) it will ask for file name its not necessary if you provided file name then it will generate your and filename file in your “/home/{username}/.ssh” folder but if you dont provided file name then it will generate id_rsa and files in “/home/{username}/.ssh directory

{username}== name of currently login user

3) dont provide any keyphrase jsut enter and you will get above mentioned files

4) run command “cat /home/{username}/.ssh/{filename}.pub
5) It will show sshkey. Copy that key and add it to github as described below
6) go to account setting, then click on SSH keys in side menu bar, add sshkey there and give some title of your choice.

Next Step is to create Rpository:

1) click on New Repository button
2) create rposiory step by step as mentioned in github

3) open git repository and copy ssh path of git repo remember that this ssh path is not the sshkey you entered.
4)Create directory on your local system go into that directory in terminal and run the command
“git clone {past sshkey path} /. ”

now enjoy this 🙂 for more help contact on,


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